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Flying and Gliding

In the Air Cadets every cadet has the chance to go flying. We fly the Grob Tutor at 10 AEF based at RAF Woodvale. This aircraft is used as an RAF basic trainer and is capable of a wide range of aerobatic maneuvers. With Air Experience Flying you will get to feel the thrill of flying upside down and even fly your own loops!


We also offer gliding with the Grob Viking. At the age of 16 you can attend a gliding scholarship and fly a glider solo before you can even drive a car!

You can then progress onto the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme (ACPS). This course gives you 12 hours of flying time and a solo flight. These hours can then contribute to a private pilot's license.

All flying is free of charge.

Air Experience Flight

Grob Tutor Aerobatics
Grob Tutor
Grob Tutor Cockpit
Cadet in a Grob Tutor
Cadet in a Grob Tutor
Cadets at RAF Woodvale
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