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In this section, we aim to answer any and all questions you may have about the Royal Air Force Air Cadets. If you have a question that isn't answered below head over to our contact us page and we will happily add it to this page.

TG Forms

If your child does any activity in the Air Cadets that is off the squadron you need to complete a TG 21 form.


If your child has any additional medical conditions you will also need to complete a TG 23 form.


Don't just google to get access to these forms, use the ones provided here as the Air cadets continually change the versions to ensure these forms are as up to date as possible. 

TG 21

TG 23

Expedition Dates 2020

We like to produce our DofE expedition dates as early as possible as we know you like to book those holidays.

Cadets must successfully complete a full practice expedition and deemed competent before accessing a final expedition. 

These dates are inflexible, so if a cadet is unable to complete an expedition they will have to wait until the next year to have another go. 

We will provide two expeditions per level and the majority of the expedition kit but we do have a fee to cover EDofE licence, camping fees, fuel, wicking T-shirt with sqn logo. 

Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 21.47.21.png

Upon completion of the award, the Air Cadets will refund the licence fee (£20 Bronze and Silver, £27 Gold) if a completed TG25 is returned to sqn

Kit List

TG 21 

Parents and Cadets should
complete this form if they wish to bid for a DofE Place

How do I pay subs?

Cadet subscription is currently £15 per month. You need to set up a standing order with your bank to pay this monthly. We no longer accept cash payments for subs.


This is usually set up within the first couple of weeks when a cadet joins the squadron. 


Don't forget, we can not set up or cancel standing orders as this is all done through your bank. Don't forget this if your child decides to move on from the Squadron.

How can I find out what activities are coming up?

Cadets can sign up to activities on our noticeboard. Cadets also get emailed about opportunities via their cadet Gmail accounts. Coming soon, cadets will sign up to activities directly via the cadet portal (

You can see what is coming up via our calendar.

How does bidding for activities work?

Any activity the squadron is running is down to our own bidding processes. This means we will look at which cadets have the best attendance, uniform standards, up to date subs payments etc.

If the wing/region/corps run an activity they can select cadets however they like and there is no priority. Their algorithm for selecting cadets changes on a camp by camp basis.  

What do I do if my child has forgotten their cadet email/password?

Cadets can try the forgot password prompt when logging into gmail. If further problems persist they should contact and he will reset the password.

Please note: parents can use the Gmail for information but the email accounts are for the cadets. We are trying to develop independence and communication skills for the real world. 

How can I join the civilian committee?

The committee is a separate entity of the squadron that is needed to consider how our funds are spent. Our committee consists of parents, ex cadets, ex staff and civilians committed to serving the youth of our community. 

The committee meets once a month for approximately 2 hours to discuss funding proposals and upcoming events that the committee organise. 

Email: for more info