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Presentation Evening

Annually the squadron hosts an evening to recognise the cadets' efforts throughout the year. Each cadet is presented with an envelope containing all of the certificates and awards that they have achieved.

For 2019 we had the honour of having Chris Lindsay to present the special awards. Chris Lindsay is the Chief Executive Officer for Broughton House Veteran Services with himself having 28 years of Royal Air Force Service. Throughout 2018 and 2019 317 Squadron has supported various functions for Broughton House. 

Special Awards 

Also during the evening, we have some "Special Awards" that are presented to the cadets that are deemed to have been the most successful in the respective fields. These are: 


What it says on the tin.

This is awarded to the cadet who over the previous 12 months has had the highest percentage attendance. For 2019 this was awarded to Cpl McDonald. 



Awarded to the cadet that has represented the Squadron at both the most events and to the highest level be that Wing, Region, or Corps. For 2019 this was awarded to Cpl Wildbure.


Best Recruit 

The Squadron has 2 intakes per year. This cadet has been deemed in the eyes of the staff to be the individual that has integrated the best and taken advantage of the opportunities that we offer. For 2019 this was awarded to Cdt Hesketh.


The Academic Award is presented to the cadet that has made the most improvement over the previous 12 months in terms of classification training. Taking responsibility for there own learning outside of the parade night. For 2019 this award was presented to Cdt Lloyd-Morris.  



Awarded to the cadet that has scored the highest through the year of uniform inspections. Conducting themselves in a presentable manner at all times. For 2019 this was awarded to Cpl McDonald.


Best Shot 

Awarded to the cadet who has progressed through the Progressive Training Syllabus the fastest and to the highest standard. For 2019 this was awarded to Cdt Crabtree.


Best Flight

The Best Flight is awarded to one of the two main flights on the squadron who compete throughout the year to be awarded points. At the end of the year, the total is calculated and the flight with the most points is declared the winner. For 2019 this was awarded to A-Flight.


Cadets Cadet

The Cadets Cadet Award is chosen by a vote from the cadets themselves. Each voting for the cadet that they deem to be the best cadet for the year. For 2019 the Cadets Cadet Award was given to Cdt Boden.


NCO of the Year

The Non-Commissioned Officer of the year award is the NCO that has been deemed to be the best leader throughout the year displaying levels of discipline, management and much more. For 2019 this was awarded to FS Guy.


Cadet of the Year

Awarded to the cadet who in the eyes of the staff and with statistics available has achieved the most during the previous 12 months in multiple disciplines. For 2019 the Cadet of the Year is awarded to Cdt Boden.

End of Year Video

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