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Presentation Skills - Overview

What will the series cover?

This series will cover how to use:

  • Bullet points

  • Colours & Fonts

  • Animations & Transitions

  • Images & GIFs

  • How to deliver a presentation

  • Proofreading, SPAG and fact-checking


Why you need to know this

As an NCO, if you are one or you wish to become one, it is expected that you can deliver structured content in the form of a presentation or lesson. These skills are essential for the MoI (Method of Instruction) and QAIC (Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course) courses.

Outside of Cadets, these skills can be used within your education or later on in life in a professional environment. Understanding these skills won't just allow you to make and deliver presentations, they allow you to improve your communication skills.


What is a presentation?

Before reading on, think to yourself about what you think a presentation is.

Simply put, a presentation is a means of communication. Typically used to communicate formally, in person, to multiple people. Presentations can be described as informative, persuasive, inspiring or motivating.

A presentation is not a slide show. A slide show is just a visual aid used to help the presenter effectively communicate with the audience. You are the presentation. Don't treat the slide show as a presentation.



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